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Who doesn’t enjoy good cup of freshly brewed coffee!?!  Okay… That wasn’t a real question.. or you wouldn’t be on this page! LOL.  Whether you are new to Colorado or you just haven’t had the chance to Explore, We put together a list of some pretty Awesome Local Coffee Shops we think you would like to enjoy and support!   You can find many reasons to visit at least one from the list.  Maybe it is close by, you need a place to work, meet new like minded people, play catch up with a friend, have some quiet time to yourself.. and hey.. there are so many to choose from you can make a list and do a coffee tour.  Either by yourself or with a friend.. have fun and perhaps become a coffee connoisseur if not one already!  We would love to hear your reviews!  If you’re feeling the love you you can take pics and tag us to let us know you visited.  We sure do appreciate your love and support!  You never know.. you might run into someone who wants to buy or sell!!   So go go go… Explore and Inhale all the varieties of Delicious coffee flavors with all the different places, along with the Good Vibes each one has to offer!   Click to Explore the coffee spots to direct you straight to their websites.

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  • Switchback Coffee Roasters~  This place is a popular one and you can even purchase to make it at home!  Locally owned by some friends that take pride in their coffee.  They have a passion to Bless others and love making your life enjoyable with some of the Best Roasted Coffee around! Check out their website to learn more about them.  They work super hard and have a mission to build relationships with Everyone! 719-581-9478   330 N. Institute St.
  • Morning Glory Espresso–  Very cute lil place in Fountain if you don’t have time to come in they make it easy with a drive thru!  Mo~Glo has a creative vintage look.  Not much seating inside.  However, very comfy and you can find yourself staying there for hours!  I love that they have local little gifts to choose from.  My most recent buy was the chap-stick!  Much needed here in Colorado 🙂 Ph. 719-344-9185   101 Fontaine Blvd.
  • R&R Coffee–  When in Black Forest this is a must.  Many coffee’s to choose from and they know how to make the tired… Wake UP!  I love there nook area with a fireplace.  This is the go to for all you mama’s out there! Ph. 719-494-8300 11424 Black Forest Rd. 
  • Special Grounds~ I found this one by accident.  I just wanted a local coffee place to up with a client and I have pleased since!  The burritos are a must try!  Everything is made with Love.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  Ph. 719-272-4136 7601 N. Union Blvd 
  • Loyal Coffee~  This is located downtown.  Great centrally located place for a meet up!  They brew some strong coffee that will last you all day!  One size for all!  Worth a try in my opinion! Ph. 719-235-5477 408 S. Nevada Ave.

A list of more Colorado Springs Local Coffee Places that are Loved and Highly Reviewed!

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