Fun Things To Do In Colorado

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Need to get out of the house!?!  Here is a list of some Fun things to do for all ages!

Explore Colorado Homes Top 6 Fun Things To Do

  • Lost Island~  This is an All in One Entertainment!  We ABSOLUTELY vote this as our number one family outing!  Go Carts, Mini Golf, Ice Cream, Candy Shop, and Coffee!!  So first you would think WoW Bonus it offers all of this in one easy to find location off of Academy but the Big Bonus is all of it is Affordable!!! It’s a Win Win you can have fun while still saving for a house!!!
  • Mini Golf~ We have been coming here for years!    World of Golf!  The have a mini golf course, custom club fitting, bar, menu, and driving range.  They go all out for Halloween and make it a memorable time!  Check them out and see all the weekly things they have going on!  They have Glow Golf for some Night Time Fun!!!
  • Bowling~ We typically just go to Harmony Bowl and they have some yummy appetizers.  If you are in the area Summit Bowling is a lot of fun and has other things to do there as well like VR and laser tag.  From April 8th-Oct.31st they have free bowling and you can sign up here.
  • Overdrive Raceway~  This is High Speed Go Kart Indoor Racing.  You can just go and have a good time with some friends or you can throw a party!
  • Manitou ArcadeThis so much fun!!!  It brings the kid out in me every time we go.  This is a place you take all your out of State friends and family.  Not only do they have the arcade but they have a park next to a creek, shopping galore and if you might find some live entertainment!   
  • Garden of the Gods~ Here is a place to Explore.  They have many different trails and beautiful rock formations.  So many choose to get their pics taken here.   The Visitor Center is always a huge hit!  If you can’t hike through all of it.. The Drive is very Enjoyable as well!  Definitely stop and see the Balancing Rock!  

More Fun Things To Do

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