Explore Colorado’s Campgrounds

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Camping is one of those things… you just do!  It’s like it’s for our well~being.  Getting one with nature.  The smells, the experiences, a little change in the way we do things. It’s all Good for Us in way or another. Camping is where you will see your creativity appear in a way you didn’t know was possible.   Camping Hacks is a must watch on You~ Tube!   Been thinking of making our own channel..or vlogging.. is this really a word!?!. LOL..  the family might just need get camera happy and hope not to embarrass ourselves too badly.. haha.. But seriously this might be a fantastic idea~ I want to see if all these must try’s are a must try! We just sold our boat and purchased a pop~up camper, perfect time to see how well we can handle some video making!!  The Exploring is happening on a different level for the Fedders Family.  It would be fun to share with all of you!

Image result for pretty camping divider for paragraph I went ahead and put together a list of Colorado Springs Campgrounds.  It was fascinating that we have Beautiful and much desired destinations to be able to camp in our very own backyard. I will add more campgrounds as we go exploring and share our own review.  For now here are some local Colorado Springs Campgrounds.  This might be very useful if you are planning on moving or visiting here and need a place to stay for a couple days or weeks!  


Colorado Springs KOA~  Of course this would be the first one.  We plan on staying at a few KOA’s ourselves.  So glad they have one right here.  They have the must haves with a bonus of a hot tub and sauna.  More Details on website here.  Located here.

Golden Eagle Campground~  This Campground has hiking for all levels and a pond that is stocked with Trout!  You can reserve a site and check out website here.  Connect to maps here.

Colorado Heights Camping Resort~ This one sounds like a KOA.  Check out their amenities, sites and more on their website here.  Connect to maps here.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park~  Camping Details here.  Connect to maps here.

Garden of the Gods RV ResortCamping Details here.  Connect to maps here.

Above is what is considered close by.  Now for some Exploring!  We just drove through Woodland Park to get to Hwy 67.  This Drive is lovely.  From Home to the Furthest Destination we saw so many places to camp.  Along side Trout Creek you will find many national park campsites.  One of the first on our list to Explore will be Rainbow Falls which has a campground near by and I would like to drive further down the river near the forks.  I spoke to the lady at Deckers Corner Store and she said there is a nice spot about 16 miles right.

Exploring Campsites

Manitou Lake Park~  This is located off Hwy 67. maps here  Camping Fees and website here.  This is a nice place to bring your kayak.  It is nestled around a beautiful lake with the sound of nature all around.  Nice little hikes to go on with the kiddos.  Bird watching galore.  You will find Beaver Homes, Friendly Squirrels, Buckets of Fish, and Rocks to Climb.