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Colorado Springs has so many fun events to attend all year around!  It was hard to just pick 5 so I added a couple more to our favorites.  The more and more I think about this page I feel like I will be adding more!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!  If you get a chance to Explore any of these please let us know what you think.. We love hearing and seeing how much fun you have in this Beautiful Place we call Home!

Explore Colorado Homes Top 7 Events-Festivals-Parades

  • Parade of Homes~ This is  where you get to see all the new trends and designs come together from some of  the Best Local Builders.  You can tour them all.. from Affordability to Luxury!  Get Ideas and even put an offer in!  This goes for about 2 weeks so you can come and go as you please during that time!  Upcoming Dates 8- (2-18) 2019
  • International Hill Climb~ Fan Fest~  Ever since we were introduced to this by our neighbor who is part of the Hill Climb we have been going and making it a must attend event every year!  They have Cars and Vendors everywhere you turn.  You get an inside peek of all the hard work they’ve put in before Race Day!  Friday is jam packed full of Excitement.  Red Bull puts on an Outstanding show with the motorcyclist doing their favorite stunts! Upcoming Dates 6-(28-30)-2019  
  • Festival of Lights~  This Parade starts your December off in the most uplifting way!  Get’s you truly in the Holiday Spirit!  We have been so Blessed to be part of the PPAR (Pikes Peak Association of Realtor’s) Float Build for the past couple years!  They All Truly have a Passion for making this time of year Special for our Community!  Upcoming date 12-7-2019
  • Tri-Lakes 4th of July Parade~  We have been coming here every year since we moved to Colorado!  They have one of the Best Parades of the year.  Bring a chair, sunscreen, and drinks you will thank me later!  Once the parade is over you can grab a bite to eat and check out the street fair!  May want to take you chair back to your car.  This is an event that you can literally be at all day.  Starting with a Fun Run to… a Spectacular Fireworks Show!  If you want you can start the party a day early with Barn Dancing! Upcoming Dates 7-4-2019
  • Territory Days This is a Fun Event for the whole family!  You can listen to live music,  gold mine,  shop, play, and my favorite part.. stop and get delicious cotton candy from the Best Candy Shop around!  Upcoming Dates 5-(25-27) 2019
  • Balloon Glow~ This is a labor day weekend event!  Super Fun to check out!  They have early morning Balloon lift off’s and Nightly Balloon Glow’s.  You can either go to Memorial Park and get the full affect, meet people, and perhaps get something checked off on your bucket list with a balloon ride!  The Balloons are so pretty with the reflection off of Memorial Park.  Definitely worth getting up early in the morning to go and watch!  However, if you can’t make it to memorial park you can always find a nice view spot of your choice and watch them soar the sky!  On several occasions we have grabbed some warm drinks and donuts and watched from one of our favorite hiking spots at Palmer Park! Upcoming Dates Aug 31- Sept. 2- 2019
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Parade~ Grab your Green and plan on staying awhile!  This parade is almost 2hrs long and full of energy!  You can start it off with the Fun Run or You have the option to sleep in because the parade doesn’t start until noon!!!   

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